About us

Hi!  Thanks for checking out our website!  I’m Erin, and I own LIME Horse Float Hire with my husband, Simon. We have four children together and live in the beautiful little village of Barnawartha. We are relative newbies, having arrived from SA in 2014, but are so happy to have found this place to call home.

I have a lifelong involvement with the equestrian world and all things horsey. I’m definitely the girl who never grew out of her pony mad phase. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have a wide exposure to many aspects of equestrian sports, both locally and internationally. 

I held coaching qualifications from the American Riding Instructor's Association for twelve years, and I still keep in touch with many of my former students.  These days they could teach me more than I ever taught them.

Why We Started LIME Horse Float Hire

Like most horse owners, I have hired many different forms of transportation over the years. These range from the just barely acceptable, to the scary (non-functioning brakes and gaps in the floor) to the extremely unpleasant (being verbally abused for returning a float with dust on it, to a depot on a dirt road). However, the one thing I never had was an extremely positive experience, where I loved both the float and the service and looked forward to returning. Hiring a float was something done out of necessity only. I started to think there must be a better way. Every horse owner wants their horse to travel in safety and comfort, and every client of a business wants that business to value them. We do everything within our power to achieve this and more!

Why Our Business is Named LIME

Those who already know me may find this hard to believe, but it’s not about the colour! I do love green and have a large collection of green tack, but that wasn’t it this time!

We actually had the hardest time naming our business. In the end, we wrote down a bunch of qualities and values that were really important to us, as business owners and just as people. Here’s what we ended up with.



Meticulous care


We wanted our name to be meaningful, and a daily reminder of what we stand for. We hope our clients find this to be true. I encourage you to check out our “What Makes Us Different” page for more examples, and see our reviews on Facebook!